Fundata presents
An Evening of Excellence

Every year, Fundata Canada Inc. hosts an ‘Evening of Excellence’ to acknowledge those Canadian investment funds that have maintained an exceptional performance rating over the entire previous calendar year.

Since its debut in 2012, The FundGrade A+® award has become a highly prized achievement in the Canadian investment funds industry.

The FundGrade A+® award has been accepted and embraced by the financial services industry as a truly objective, independent mark of distinction for those funds and fund managers who receive the award.

There are absolutely no subjective criteria involved and the rating system identifies funds that have been consistent FundGrade A-Grade performers over the past year. It’s the only objective rating system based on risk-adjusted returns available in the market.

Achieving a FundGrade A+® Rating denotes inclusion in an exclusive group, because around 6% of the investment fund products available in Canada have received a FundGrade A+® rating.


For more information on the FundGrade rating system, download Fundata's FundGrade Methodology brochure


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